Dog Licensing


Connecticut General Statutes require that dogs be licensed at the age of six months. Licenses are obtained from the Town Clerk OR through the mail, and are renewed in June for the license year beginning July 1st. Veterinarian’s certificates of rabies vaccinations (showing expiration date of vaccination) and spaying or neutering must be presented, and the license fee remitted, as outlined below:

  • Male/Female - $19.00
  • Neutered Male/Spayed Female - $8.00
  • *There is a $1.00 per month late fee


  • After July
    • 1st Male/Female - $20.00
    • Neutered Male/Spayed Female - $9.00
  • After August 1st
    • Male/Female - $21.00
    • Neutered Male/Spayed Female - $10.00
  • Fee for the transfer of ownership of a dog licensed in Putnam - $1.00 (License and tag issued to former owner must be submitted)
  • Fee for the transfer upon moving to another town - $1.00 (License and tag issued by former town must be submitted)
  • Fee for replacement of lost tag - $0.50

You can find an application under the “Forms” section of our page. You can print this form out and fill in the information, or if you prefer, the form is also fillable allowing you to complete the form on line prior to printing. 

Dog License Application