Directions to Polling Places

Putnam Polling Locations

District 1 – Due to COVID-19 the polling place for August and November will be at Putnam Middle School, 35 Wicker Street. This is your polling location if you live within the Special Services District.

Directions: Head west on either Woodstock Ave. or Providence St.  until you reach the light at Cumberland Farms. At the light, take a left on Wicker Street.

District 2 – Located at the Highway Garage at 141 Fox Road in East Putnam.  This is your polling location if you live in East or West Putnam.  

Directions:  Head east on Rte. 44, pass Wal-Mart, Stop and Shop and Tractor Supply. When you reach Tractor Supply, you need to take the next right onto Fox Road. Continue on Fox Road, cross over Route 21 and continue approximately 1 mile and the Highway Garage is located on the right.