Board of Selectmen News & Announcements

Crumbling Foundations

CRUMBLING FOUNDATIONS:  Upwards of 35,000 homes in parts of the northern and eastern sections of Connecticut are facing a potentially... more ››

Beware of "Typosquatting" scams

The Town of Putnam is insured through CIRMA.  They regularly send out newsletters with tips on a variety of topics.  These tips are for... more ››

BOS with ice sculpture

Putnam Mayor & Board of Selectmen say 'Congrats'!

The Mayor and Board of Selectmen are sending a big Congratulations to the Putnam Business Association... more ››

people standing around table

Board of Selectmen Meeting

The Board of Selectmen will meet on Monday, May 21, 2018 @ 7:00pm for their regular meeting.  

car doing a burnout

2017 Main Street Car Cruise Burnout videos

Check out the Town of Putnam You Tube Channel for burnout videos from the 2017 Main Street Car Cruise.You can also watch meeting videos and... more ››