Yard/Tag Sale Permit Application


Be it ordained by the Town of Putnam, at a Town Meeting held April 27, 1983, that:

  1. No person may hold a tag sale in the Town of Putnam without having first obtained a license therefore, such license to be issued by the town Selectmen upon proper application.
  1. “Tag Sale” as used herein, shall refer to the sale of new or used merchandise upon private property outside the confines of any building or permanent structure, whether designated “Tad Sale”, “Garage Sale”, “Moving Sale” or the like.
  1. There shall be no charge for the issuance of a tag sale license.
  1. Within any calendar year, no more than two (2) tag sale licenses shall be issued to any person, or family residing in the same dwelling or for the conducting of such a sale at any one property.
  1. For the purposes of this ordinance, each separate day upon which a sale is held shall be deemed to be a separate “tag sale” and a license is required for each day.
  1. Any person conducting a “tag sale” without a license shall be chargeable for this offense, and a fine levied not to exceed $100.00 dollars.


Please contact Denise Geeza at the email below or call 860-963-6800, ext 100 for an application 

Denise.Geeza@putnamct.us for approval.  Once approved, the completed permit will be emailed back to you.