Library Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Monday, January 22, 2018

Putnam Public Library Board of Trustees

Monday, January 22, 2018

Putnam Public Library


Present: Priscilla Colwell, John Dignam, Bev Shaw, Sue Nash, Kathy DiPilato, Louise Brodeur, Lesley Neal, Anne Lamondy

Absent: Jayne O’Toole, Peggy McHugh

The January 2018 meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chair, John Dignam.

There was no public participation

Secretary’s Report: Minutes of the December 18th meeting were reviewed. Kathy DiPilato made a motion to accept as presented. Sue Nash made a second. Motion carried.

Minutes of the special meeting also held on December 18th were reviewed. Kathy DiPilato made a motion to approve as presented. Sue Nash made a second. Motion carried.

There were no Board Member comments

There were no communications

Treasurer’s report : The report to date was pronounced quite unremarkable by both the Treasurer and Director. Louise spoke re: EMCOR repair: There was no heat on children’s side during one of the coldest days on a Saturday. EMCOR was called and it was a simple repair, accomplished within an hour.

New business

· The Board reviewed the informal ‘Budget Line Explanation’ for the 2018-19 Budget. Mary Calorio suggested we move 4 items (Hospitalization, SS & Medicare, Pension and Life and Disability) to the Town Budget . Property insurance was also moved. Service contract for cleaning was subtracted from salaries line and added to Service Contracts Line (zero impact). There will be $100,000 decrease because of above. Louise commented: Are there checks & balances if we do this? Priscilla says yes. Mary also suggested that we add no increase in salary line item until union negotiations are done. Motion to accept the budget as presented was made by Louise and Bev made a second. Motion carried.

· We also reviewed the Capital Project Request for elevator for $290,000. Anne made a motion to go forward with this request and Lesley made a second. Motion carried.

· Updating the Gifts and Donations policy:

o Louise: should we have something in writing about release of ownership of art. A form would work. Louise made a motion to accept the Gifts and Donations policy as presented. Kathy made a second. Motion carried.

Old business

· Facilities Committee will be meeting on Thursday. Will be voting in some new officers.

Director’s report

· Mae Flexer & Danny Rovero held a meeting here with 25 in attendance

· Paint night rescheduled due to bad weather

· LED bulbs arrived. Existing ballasts in children’s section wouldn’t work with the new lights. Replaced old fluorescents and they were fine. Some of the other lights worked fine with the new bulbs. Priscilla Returned 20 of the LEDs, and got a quote for $1156 to replace 30 ballasts. It was decided to wait a year to see what the referendum brings.

· Great articles in Norwich Bulletin, Town Crier and Villager re: the video magnifier.

· State Fiber – again, wait for referendum.

· 2018 calendar: New Year’s Day is on a Tuesday for 2019. Priscilla recommended we close Monday and Tuesday and open on the Saturday prior.

· Brick wall removal : Mary Calorio said that if Public Works is willing to remove the wall, we can move forward with it. She will put a memo in the Selectman’s meeting that the library is modifying the façade of the building.

· Jean Prindle is retiring in June. Position will be posted in-house to see if there is interest from within.

Adjournment Louise made a motion to adjourn and Kathy made a second to the motion. Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Beverly M. Shaw

Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Putnam Public Library