Library Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Monday, August 28, 2017


Board of Trustees Meeting

Date: August 28, 2017

Time called to order: 7:00 p.m.


Present: Priscilla Colwell, Anne Lamondy, John Dignam, Louise Brodeur, Bev Shaw, Jayne O’Toole, Kathy DiPilato, Sue Nash

Not Present: Lesley Neal, Don Steinbrick


Public Participation: none

Communications: none

Approval of Minutes: Minutes of the July 24, 2017 meeting were reviewed, Kathy DiPilato made a motion to accept as presented and Jayne O’Toole made a second. Motion carried.

Financial Report: Highlights: We just started a new fiscal year. Purchased some books, replaced two monitors and had low maintenance charges this month ($6.53).

Old Business:

o Facilities Committee

§ The committee will be meeting on August 31st. LLB Architects will be presenting the new plan this week for the (now) Library & Town Hall.

o Repairs/maintenance:

§ Quotes were sent to Mary and Jerry and after review, they recommended Ulrich Deojay as the most complete quote. Motion to accept the Deojay quote was made by Bev Shaw with a second by Anne Lamondy. Motion carried. Reminder: monies for this project were encumbered from last year’s budget.

o Grant

§ A letter requesting an extension for the construction grant and signed by the Mayor, was sent to State Librarian, Wiggin. Priscilla & John will be attending the State Library Board meeting on September 18th. A decision should be made by October.

New Business:

o Other topics

§ Several people are up for re-election to this board as discussed last month. The Democratic party will hold a meet & greet on September 14th.

Director’s Reports Highlights:

o Summer reading program was over August 15th. Participants have until the end of the month to finish up and collect their prizes.

o Craft programs were very successful.

o Pat held her 2nd painting class with 6 in attendance.

o Two book discussions are on-going. Kristina Baker Kline’s book, “The Way Life Should Be” is being used for both sites.

o New hours are very popular. The new Saturday hours will begin September 9th.

o United Services representative, John Goodman will hold a mental health first aid for our staff soon.

o Low Vision Reader will be made more accessible by moving around some little-used equipment etc. Priscilla is planning a press release when this project is complete.

o Some items will go to the Putnam Science Academy for their developing library.

o Looking for a refund for a line that we don’t use. Savage Systems will help with this. There will be a savings of $24/month.

Adjournment: Louise made a motion to adjourn with a second by Bev. The meeting adjourned at 7:59 pm. Our next meeting September 25th at 7:00 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Beverly M. Shaw

Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Putnam Public Library