Library Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Monday, April 24, 2017


Board of Director’s Meeting

Date: 4.24.2017


Time called to order: 7:07 pm

Present: Priscilla Colwell, Anne Lamondy, John Dignam, Louise Brodeur, Bev Shaw, Lesley Neal, Kathy DiPilato

Not Present: Don Steinbrick, Sue Nash, Jayne O’Toole

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m. by John Dignam, co-chair.


Public Participation: none

Communications: ACLB quarterly newsletter was shared.

Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the February 27, 2017 meeting were reviewed. A motion to accept as presented was made by Anne and a second by Kathy. Motion carried.

Financial Report: April 2017 Financial report was reviewed. There was nothing major to consider. Several ballasts were replaced and vents are to be cleaned soon. So far we are in good shape for the last few months of the fiscal year. Bibliomation bill will be paid through 2 sources: (Connecticard and budget). Priscilla expressed concern about state budget cuts. State grant has been eliminated. Connecticard $ is still up in the air.

6 new computers will be installed 4.25.17: 8 computers for the public and 8 for staff.

Old Business:

* Facilities Committee: will be meeting April 27th. Not much information about the project has been disseminated to the public.

* Budget: finance committee hearing on the budget is meeting at this time. Results should be interesting.

* CEN Fiber: Town Administrator, Mary Calario and Maria Bernier from the State Library met with Priscilla and they decided to delay installation of Fiber for a year to see what decisions are made regarding the future of the library. Bibliomation will hook us up to Atlantic Broadband until some decisions are made.

New business

* Repairs/maintenance: NE Flooring will be dropping off samples as soon as their move is complete and they are settled.

* Request to change May meeting date: Due to Priscilla’s vacation, the Board was asked if they would be willing to change their May meeting.

Anne moved to reschedule the May 22nd meeting to Tuesday, May 30th. Louise seconded. Motion carried.

* Veterans Day closure: Louise made a motion to close the library on Saturday, November 11th and remain open on the 10th. Lesley made a second to the motion. Motion carried.

* Kathy announced that the Friend’s Book Nook will be dedicated to Mary O’Leary on Wednesday, April 26th. Their new brochure will be unveiled at the same time.

* This is an election year: Louise (D) has expressed her desire to continue. John (I) is up for re-election. Don (R) needs to be re-elected for a full term.

Director’s Reports:

* Brickwork quote from Mr. Labelle is not in yet

* Fire alarm test on April 6th by Venture (formerly Nextgen). A few corrections are needed. They will send a quote on replacing the light and battery.

* VITA is done for the year. Walk-in session on the 15th accommodated 20 people.

* Lion’s night of giving was held April 7th. Priscilla spoke to the group about the Library. They donated $500 to the library which Priscilla will use for e-books etc.

* Computer replacement project (see above). We are keeping 2 of the old ones for back-up and 2 are being used for the catalog. Others are taken, refurbished and given to libraries who cannot afford upgrades.

* There’s $300 left to repay from the LED light replacements. A few more months and we’ll be finished.

* Summer reading program theme will be “Build A Better World – Read!” It’s about ready to go.

* We will be hosting the Summer lunch program again.

Adjournment: Louise made a motion to adjourn. John made a second. The meeting adjourned at 8:14 pm.

Respectfully Submitted by

Beverly M. Shaw

Secretary, Putnam Public Library