Library Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Monday, June 20, 2016


Board of Director’s Meeting


Date: June 20, 2016

Time called to order: 7:00 pm


Present: Priscilla Colwell, John Dignam, Louise Brodeur, Bev Shaw, Sue Nash, Will Child, Kathy DiPilato, Lesley Neal

Not Present: Anne Lamondy, Jayne O’Toole


Public Participation: none

Approval of Minutes: A motion to accept the minutes of the May 23, 2016 meeting as presented was made by Lesley Neal. Kathy DiPilato made a second. Motion carried unanimously.

Communications: none

Financial Report: We are close to the end of the fiscal year. $1541.62 will cover monies expended monies for books. Our Town Treasurer says a line item transfer of $2000 from fuel oil to repairs and maintenance is ok. We must use a special form.

A new rug was purchased for the new section being created in the youth section.

Old business

a. Repairs/renovations -- The new railing has been installed in the back and grass is growing. The free lunch program started today and will be held in that area (about 30 people). Some of the ceiling tiles have been replaced (needs to be painted). The ceiling in foyer has been repaired. Exterior windows also need to be repainted. We are looking for recommendations for a painter.

b. Budget – Passed at the last town meeting.

c. Facilities Committee -- Architects are coming on Friday along with Alan Rawson to discuss Library portion of project. Sue volunteered to attend this meeting. The next Facilities Committee meeting is June 30th at 7:00 town hall in the Selectman’s chambers.

New business

Library Use Policy – The “difficult patron situation” was discussed. Our current Policy seems broad enough to handle all situations. One suggestion: Enlarge the font of final statement to make it more visible: “The Library reserves the right to ask a patron to leave the library grounds for any inappropriate behavior.” This should cover us.

Director’s Reports:

* Priscilla discovered a mice invasion coming through vent going into the restroom. The Town crew placed some metal mesh over the vent. It took care of the problem.

* Free summer lunch program began today. The Summer Reading program, “Ready, Get Set, Read!” features a racetrack theme for the reading contest.

* Adult reading program is being managed by Pat. 120 adults have signed up already. Pat has acquired a number of “prizes”.

* Poetry contest winners are in the display case.

* There is state level money for libraries to upgrade from DSL to fiber. Priscilla suggested we wait until next year to make a decision due to the possibility of a move. This must be made before June. There is also a decision to be made regarding filtering or not to receive a reimbursement vs. payment of reoccurring cost vs. monthly charge. A number of libraries are trying to decide the best option.

* Jen Lamoureux will be leaving July 5 due to time challenges with her new job. Priscilla will be looking into replacing her in August. Louise suggested the possibility for the staff to present solutions.

Adjournment: A motion was made to adjourn by Louise Brodeur. Kathy DiPilato made a second to the motion. Meeting adjourned at 8:01 pm.

Respectfully submitted by,

Beverly M. Shaw


Putnam Public Library

Board of Directors