Town of Putnam Partners with UConn to Develop Master Plan

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Uconn's CRDC, working alongside citizens, elected officials and landowners, will create a long-term Master Plan for the Town of Putnam.  The Master Plan will focus on:

  • Developing a comprehensive Wayfinding System to help with town-wide navigation and town imageability (brand)
  • Improving overall connectivity/circuitry between different town districts and the Putnam River Trail 
  • Planting and green infrastructure to ensure sustainable systems with a minimum of maintenance
  • Implementing strategic improvements to existing memorials to improve visitor experience and to show on-going respect to the memorialized

UConn's CRDC will facilitate communication within the client group as well as with the general public and town officials. Build consensus among all participants during the creation of the Master Plan. Create a series of design interventions that will culminate in a long term, phased Master Plan package. 

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