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Zoning Department

Welcome to the Zoning Department!

The Zoning Department's responsibilities include ensuring that uses of town properties comply with state and local regulations. This includes residential, commercial, and industrial uses as well as modifications within individual properties. 

The Zoning Department uses local regulations to state the uses of land, building and/or structures which are permitted within the Town. The Town requires that enlarged or substantially altered, construction, reconstruction, location, extensions to land, building, and/or structures conform with the zoning regulations. Note that our Zoning Department coordinates closely with our Planning and Land Use Department because they review and regulate projects for land uses including: stormwater, excavation, and erosion and sedimentation control.

Staff Contacts

Brenda Roy

Titles: Land Use Administrative Assistant
Phone Numbers:
Work: 860-963-6800 ext. 110

Bruce Fitzback

Titles: Land Use Agent, Zoning Enforcement Officer
Phone Numbers:
Work: 860-963-6800 ext. 114