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Veteran Registry Application Instructions

Connecticut Veterans Wartime Service Medal

PURPOSE: All Connecticut veterans with qualifying wartime military service are eligible to receive the Connecticut Veterans Wartime Service Medal. 

ELIGIBILITY: In order to receive the Connecticut Veterans Medal, the veteran must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Submit documentary proof of qualifying military wartime service (90 days wartime service, unless the war or operation lasted less than 90 days);
  2. Submit proof of an honorable discharge from military service (or discharge due to injuries received in the line of duty) for the qualifying wartime service. 
  3. Submit proof that you currently are a resident of the State of Connecticut or that you were a resident at the time of your qualifying wartime service.

LIMITATIONS: Awards will not be made posthumously.


  1. Completed and signed application form (CTMD VM-1). Click here for the form to apply for the Connecticut Veterans Wartime Service Medal.
  2. Proof of service during a period of war (i.e. DD Form 214 or other documentation if DD Form 214 is unavailable)
  3. Proof of current residency in the State of Connecticut or proof of residency during time of qualifying service (e.g., photocopy of State of Connecticut driver’s license).

Connecticut Servicemember and Veteran Registry

PURPOSE:  The purpose of the Connecticut Servicemember and Veteran Registry is to create a contact list to facilitate notification of servicemembers and veterans as to military and veteran benefits and other useful information.  The contact list contains only the names and mailing addresses of servicemembers and veterans who reside in this state.  The registry will be compiled using information contained in the Department of Veterans’ Affairs’ records and information submitted by (1) the Military Department, (2) the assessor of each town and (3) servicemembers or veterans using this application. Information contained in the registry is not subject to public disclosure.

All Connecticut servicemembers and veterans are eligible to enroll in the Connecticut Servicemember and Veteran Registry. Connecticut servicemembers and veterans who do not qualify for the Connecticut Wartime Veteran Service Medal may use this application for the sole purpose of enrolling in the Connecticut Servicemember and Veteran Registry.  Applicants must provide proof of service (discharge documentation for veterans or a copy of military identification card for currently serving members).

Send Applications & Supporting Documentation to:

Department of Veterans' Affairs
ATTN: Wartime Medal and Registry

287 West Street
Rocky Hill, CT 06067
Fax: 860-721-5919

Veterans Info Line