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Tax Sale Policy

Policy and Procedure for Foreclosure and Tax Sale on Real Estate Tax Liens

If any unique parcel has delinquent taxes, fees and interest in part or whole exceeding two Grand List years
or has a delinquency of taxes, interest and fees exceeding $5,000.00 after the perfection of its inchoate lien of any Grand List year, the Town of Putnam Collector of Revenue shall send by certified mail a Collector’s Demand for payment with notice of foreclosure action against the unique property for which tax liens are placed.

The Collector shall give a compliance period of no less than fifteen days, after which time the Collector shall notify the Town of Putnam of the property delinquency with his/her intent to foreclose or hold a tax sale against the property. The Town may choose to review the properties with any Town official who can provide additional information regarding the sale, zoning and condition of the property that will affect the Town’s future interest.

If at any time during this review period the taxpayer contacts the Collector and an agreement to forbear from foreclosure or tax sale proceedings can be reached, the Collector shall notify the Town of Putnam of a postponement to commence the action of foreclosure. If the taxpayer should default any agreed upon payment, the Collector shall immediately authorize the Town to continue with the filing of foreclosure action or proceed to a tax sale.

Agreements acceptable to the Collector would bring residential taxes current within sixty months or less from the signing of the agreement, and income bearing properties current within eighteen months or less.

After review from the Town of Putnam, all approved properties shall be sent to an Attorney contracted by the Town of Putnam to follow through with foreclosure or tax sale for property taxes due. The Collector shall provide all information necessary to the contracted Attorney to complete the task, and will forward all questions by the delinquent taxpayer to the contracted Attorney until such time where the foreclosure or tax sale is finalized or full payment of taxes, interest, and fees is received.

March 27th, 2018