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Online Tax Payments

The Town of Putnam uses Invoice Cloud for anyone choosing to pay their real estate, business personal property, or motor vehicle tax payments with credit card, debit card, savings account, checking account transfer, Paypal & Venmo. 

Mastercard, Visa, Amex and Discover can be used on Invoice Cloud, as well as any debit card backed by these companies.  A 2.95% fee ($1.95 minimum) is charged for any credit card card or debit card payment made on the Invoice Cloud website. *Beginning 6/19/2023 fees will increase to 2.99% ($3.95 minimum)

Payments can be made using an electronic check (ACH) from a checking or savings account for a minimum fee. If you choose to pay your taxes using a transfer from your checking or savings account (ACH) electronic check, each transaction will be charged a $.95 fee on Invoice Cloud.

To view or make a payment online through Invoice Cloud, you can simply look up your bill information in Q-Search found in "Tax Bill Information", download the bill into your cart, and click to pay.  You will leave the Town's website and  be linked to Invoice Cloud.

Please be aware that Invoice Cloud is a third party payer for the Town of Putnam.  If you choose to use Invoice Cloud pay a tax bill, your payment will be received by the Town 3-5 days after payment.  Depending on your type of payment, this period of time could be more or less.  If a taxpayer uses Invoice Cloud and needs a motor vehicle release, the Town of Putnam Collector’s office has the right to hold the release until payment has been confirmed by Invoice Cloud and the Town.

Online Tax Payment