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Mill Rates

Taxes in every town in Connecticut are a calculation of the town’s mill rate multiplied by the assessed (70%) value of a taxpayer’s real estate, business personal property and motor vehicle.

A mill is expressed as $1.00 for every $1,000 dollars of assessment.  For example, a car assessed at $10,000 in assessed value in a town with one mill has a tax of $100.00 (.01 x 10,000).

Properties in Putnam have a town mill rate and a district mill rate.  Depending on the property’s location within the town, the taxes will have a combination of the town mill rate and a district mill rate.

The current mill rates for the fiscal year of 2023/2024 are as follows:

  • Town of Putnam mill rate:  22.29
  • Special Services District mill rate:  9.5
  • East Putnam Fire District mill rate:  1.7
  • West Putnam District mill rate:  1.0

The Collector of Revenue located at the Putnam Town Hall collects the Town tax as well as all of the individual districts. 

Town mill rates are set every year in May by town vote of the budget.  Each district meets and votes on their budget, as well. (District meeting times may vary from district to district.)

The budget (expenses), minus its expected income other than taxes, equals the amount needed to be raised by the taxpayers.  This amount due by the taxes is expressed by the new mill rate.

After the mill rates are set, bills are produced and mailed to all taxpayers at the end of June.  These bills consist of the individual mills, assessments, exemptions (if any), and a total tax due.  In December, supplemental motor vehicle taxes use this same mill rate multiplied by its prorated assessment minus exemptions (if any), to determine the tax, and is mailed out for the coming January.

Historical Mill Rates