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Municipal Solid Waste & Recycling

Questions regarding Municipal Solid Waste & Recycling?  You can email us at

The Town is in the process of changing the MSW and Recycling program.  Over the next several months, the Town will stop the sticker program, and begin a MSW and Recycling bin program.  Stay tuned for dates of upcoming Public Information Meetings which will explain the program and give you the opportunity to ask questions.  We anticipate bins being delivered to households by May 1st.  During the month's of May and June, stickers will continue to be placed on trash bags and put into the new bins. If you are not participating in the new program, your trash pickup will end April 31st.  The cost of the bins will be billed annually in June, with 1/2 of the payment due in the month of July for the period of July - December and the other 1/2 due in the month of January for the period covering January - June.  

Annual Eligible Household Costs:

95 Gal MSW Bin and 95 Gal Recycling Bin - $395.00

65 Gal MSW Bin and 95 Gal Recycling Bin - $350.00

Opt out or Request Smaller 65 Gallon Bin

Frequently asked questions

A guide to your recycling and trash serviceFor information regarding mattress, electronics, scrap metal, appliances and tires, click here:

As of May 2024, there will no longer be a sticker-based curbside bulky pickup. The Town will continue to hold multiple annual bulky waste days at the school property.  Residents have the option to directly contract with Casella, with direct payment to Casella for bulky waste.