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Supplemental Motor Vehicle Tax Bill

All vehicles registered between October 1st and July 31st will appear on the Supplemental List. Taxes on these Supplemental Bills are due and payable in one installment during the month of January.

Vehicles are assessed based on the month they are first registered.

Month Registered  Number of Months  New Registration (New Plate)  Percentage  Replacement Registration (Sample Plate) 
October 12 A 100% N
November 11 B 91.7% O
December 10 C 83.3% P
January 9 D 75% Q
February 8 E 66.7% R
March 7 F 58.3% S
April 6 G 50% T
May 5 H 41.7% U
June 4 I 33.3% V
July 3 J 25% W


If a vehicle replaces another vehicle, then as assessment credit will be given on the Supplemental Bill for the first vehicle owned, based on the same percentage as the replacement vehicle.

If the Tax Code on the enclosed tax bill is Code N through Code W, the tax due is payable to the municipality to which your July 1, tax was due, regardless of your present residence.

If a vehicle is sold, stolen, totally destroyed or moved out of state and NOT replaced, a tax credit is due. Please supply proper documentation to the Assessor to obtain this credit.

Motor Vehicle Credit Coding

October   91.7%
  November     83.3%
December   75%
January   66.7%
February   58.3%
March   50%
April   41.7%
May   33.3%  
June   25%
July   16.7%
August   8.3%