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2019 Revaluation

The 2019 Revaluation of all Putnam properties has been completed. Letters have been mailed out to all property owners at the last known address.

A listing of the new and old assessments is available as follows and also in the Assessor's office. You may view the lists in order of address by clicking here, or owner by clicking here. Our online Property Cards have also been updated to reflect the new 2019 assessment.

If you would like to compare properties to others in town, we invite you to visit the office or research our online Web GIS. If using the online site, please reference the Property Card for the new assessment information. For your convenience, we also provide a PDF version of our Vision property record card, which is updated as changes happen; currently all properties have, at the earliest, pdf for the 2019 Grand List year. 

The online information is best viewed using the Chrome browser, and is available by clicking here (once in the site, you can search the address or owner, hit enter and it will bring you to the property).