September 11, 2018

2017 Grand List Motor Vehicle Appeals
Meeting date: 
Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Members Present:         Lee Konicki, Chair, Joseph Hopkins, Anne Lamonde
Other People Present:   Susan Ramos: BAA Secretary, Angela Sanchez: Assessor
Members Absent:         None
The meeting opened in the second floor Community Room of the Putnam Town Hall at 5:00pm. Lee Konicki made the motion to add the date to the March meeting minutes. Motion granted and the Date of March 5, 2018 was added.
The decisions were unanimous.
Appeal 1
Sarah Aldrich, 2016 Subaru Impreza, List number 50180
Due to high mileage 86,000 the boards decision was to reduce the assessment from 11,850 to 8820
Appeal 2                     
Robert and Sandra Montie, 2007 Silverado, List number 55149
Some research provided by taxpayer and knowledge of the vehicle’s condition provided by Joseph Hopkins, the boards decision was to reduce the assessment from 8260 to 4900
Appeal 3         
Robert and Sandra Montie 1993 Ford Ranger, List number 55150,
taxpayer stated vehicle has hit a deer, vehicle is drivable but needs some work, example: cutch,needs new grill, boards decision was to reduce the assessment from 1850 to 700
The meeting closed at 5:45 pm.

Respectfully Submitted, Susan Ramos - Secretary to the Board of Assessment Appeals