Blind Exemption Information

Blind Persons – Per the provisions of §12-81(17)

How can I qualify?

As of October 1st assessment date you must:

  • Be a Putnam resident.
  • Have total and permanent loss of sight in both eyes or reduction of vision to meet statute definition found in §12-92.

How do I apply?

Submit an application provided by the Assessor’s Office along with acceptable documentation of proof of blindness (i.e. certification by a qualified medical doctor).

When may I apply?

You may apply at any time during the year. However, the exemption will be granted the next Grand List date. Example: Exemption application filed November 2, 2005, the exemption will first apply on the October 1, 2006 Grand List.

When do I have to re-apply?

You only have to apply once for this exemption.

What are the benefits of this program?

A reduction of $3,000 in assessment will be applied to property you own.

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