Meeting date: 
Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Meeting of March 15, 2016



Members Present:        Lee Konicki, Chair, Joseph Hopkins & Joseph Deery

Other People Present: Angela Sanchez: BAA Secretary, Rande Chmura: Assessor

Members Absent:        None


The meeting opened at 5:10 with Lee Konicki and Joseph Deery present and Joseph Hopkins on route, arriving just after the first appeal started. The following appeals were heard with decisions following:


Appeal 2015-1                        James Doherty, owner of 65 Aspinock Rd, Residential Real Estate. James Doherty was sworn in by the chairman of the board. James believes his property is over-assessed in comparison to his neighbor at 53 Aspinock Rd which was built in 2014, as opposed to his being built in 1975. The board advised that he would be notified of their decision within 7 days.

Board’s decision was no change.


Appeal 2015-2                        Rolgate, Inc, owner of 146 Park Rd, Commercial Real Estate. Craig Gates, Rolgate Inc, was sworn in. Craig had a copy of the field card and presented to the board that the square footage is incorrect. He bought the building with furniture and fixtures for $400,000 in February 2016. It was appraised by the bank in 2015 for 825,000 with 135,000 of that attributed to the remainder of the lease with the off track betting; appraisal does not include personal property. The board asked about how the land is laid out and it was confirmed that the improvements take up most of the lot. The board advised he would be notified of their decision within 7 days of their making it.

During discussion, the board decided to make an appointment to verify the building square footage. They tried reaching him, and left a message. The board will reconvene to make a decision, once an inspection is completed.


Appeal 2015-3            123 Park Road LLC, owner of 123 Park Rd, Vacant Industrial Land. Robert Deluca, on behalf of 123 Park Road LLC with signed agent verification, was sworn in. Robert supplied the board with a copy of an appraisal completed for purposes of the appeal. The appraisal indicated a market value of $160,000, which is also the purchase price for the property in April 2015. The board advised the owners would be notified of their decision within 7 days.

Board’s decision was to reduce the value/assessment to 160,000/112,000.


Lee made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 5:53, seconded by Joseph Hopkins.


Respectfully submitted,



Angela Sanchez

Secretary to the Board of Assessment Appeals