Vending Ordinance

Vending Ordinance Approved @ August 17, 2009 Town Meeting

You can click on the links below for a PDF copy of the Vending Ordinance as it was approved at the August 17, 2009 Town Meeting and/or a fillable copy of the Vendor Permit Application.



  1. Application - MUST BE Complete when submitted.
  2. Copy of ID from each person - for proof of age and address. 
  3. Permits - example: Health Dept., Sales & Use Tax Permit, etc.
  4. Permission from property owner (if on private or town owned property).
  5. Certificate of Insurance $1,000,000 adding "Town of Putnam" as additionally Insured.
  6. $50.00 fee for each person - Check made out to "Putnam Police Dept."
  7. If exempt - Veteran's DD214 - copy.
  8. If approved - when picking up permit at the Town Clerk's office - $200.00 per person, Check made out to "Town of Putnam".