Library Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
May 23, 2016


Board of Director’s Meeting


Date: May 23, 2016

Present: Priscilla Colwell, Anne Lamondy, John Dignam, Louise Brodeur, Bev Shaw, Sue Nash, Will Child, Jayne O’Toole, Kathy DiPilato

Not Present: Lesley Neal

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm by John Dignam, Chair


Approval of Minutes: Anne Lamondy made a motion to accept minutes of the April 24, 2016 meeting as presented. Jayne O’Toole made a second. Motion carried.

Public Participation: none

Financial Report: We are nearing the end of the fiscal year. Balance of electric & fuel oil will not be spent, but we are planning to spend down the Books line item. Furnishings will be spent with the purchase of a rug for kids room re-design project. Repairs and maintenance are over budget.

Communications: none

Old business

Facilities Committee: At the most recent meeting the group discussed fields for which we may be looking at 5 years to complete gravel removal etc. They also discussed the location of Town Hall, Library, and Historical Society within the building. Louise suggested a Senior Center as well and it was well received. Parking in back will require 2 “front” doors. State budget issues could pose a problem as well.

Repair projects-subcommittee: repairs underway: stumps in back & side were removed; hallway wall upstairs has been re-plastered; ceiling in lower hall & upper level foyer are being repaired; ceiling tiles in community room have been replaced.

New business

Budget: A budget hearing is also tonight. There will be a vote at a later date.

Director’s Reports:

* Book discussion cancelled last month due to Pat’s accident

* 5 computers have been installed. No charge for delivery and installation. This puts us right on target with our Technology plan.

* Joe Lindley presentation about Calvin Heath was well attended. Some issues involving exiting the library on time. We need to use the form created for groups using the library so there is no question about our regulations.

* National Poetry Month celebrated in April. 3 winners were chosen by judges (Pat & John). They were “Selling the Farm”, “The Farmer’s Son”, and “My Feline Muse” . All entries were excellent. Priscilla will publish and possibly display next month. It was suggested this be an annual event since it was so well received.

* First Aid/CPR training event was last Friday. Yoga and lunch were enjoyed by all.

* CT Library Passport month was very successful

Adjournment: Will Child made a motion to adjourn. Louise Brodeur made a second. Meeting adjourned at 7:58 pm

Respectfully submitted by,

Beverly M. Shaw


Putnam Public Library

Board of Directors