Library Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
February 27, 2017


Board of Director’s Meeting

Date: 2.27.17

Town Hall


Present: Priscilla Colwell, John Dignam, Louise Brodeur, Bev Shaw, Lesley Neal, Kathy DiPilato, Don Steinbrick

Not Present: Anne Lamondy, Sue Nash, Jayne O’Toole,

The meeting was called to order at 6:06 pm by John Dignam, Chair.


Public Participation: none

Communications: none

Approval of Minutes: Minutes of the January 27, 2017 meeting were reviewed. Don Steinbrick made a motion to accept as presented. Kathy DiPilato made a second. Motion carried.

Financial Report: The February 2017 financial report was reviewed. Highlights: Paquette Electric bill for repair/replacement of fan in men’s room and ballasts in children’s section was paid. No remarkable items appeared on the report.

Old Business:

· Facilities Committee -- Louise reported: Kathy, Priscilla & Louise attended the last meeting. The Architects were not there. There will be additional meetings in March and are hoping for more participation. Nothing new in terms of the library. Some discussion about the referendum. Target date of 1st week of July to get the bulk of the planning and presentation done. Kathy spoke: She thinks the referendum should be the last week in August just before school begins. Atty. St. Onge said early August would be the earliest it could be done because of the land exchange. Alan spoke about the importance of all groups involved having representatives for a publicity committee and speak to groups and organizations. John volunteered to be our representative from the Board. Louise expressed the need for action in order to keep the $1 M grant.

Funding: Hoping for full research for all avenues of funding. Non-resident property owners can vote if they own $1000 valued property. Appraisals of current buildings need to be made.

· Budget -- Priscilla Presented at the Board Of Selectman’s meeting. No questions were asked and seemed well received.

New Business:

* Repairs/maintenance -- quote from Ulric Deojay Masonry about pointing up bricks = $3,000. Washing and sealing is $2200 more. We need 2 more quotes. Priscilla will ask Gerry for suggestions for other quotes. Hoping for money from the town (Town Building).

o George from NE Flooring looked at the downstairs and said tack strips could be put around the edges so we can put in carpet.

* Personnel policy -- tabled until new Town Administrator gets settled in.

* Future planning -- Looking into other policies that need to be updated

Director’s Reports:

* Daryl May, patron, brought in 1969 Gleaner from Woodstock Academy shared a profile of Lucy Markis, benefactor to the Library.

* Soup Day went very well. 38 people attended. Pasta day in October?

* Cut the Cord program was exceptional. Lots of information about Streaming among other things.

* Saturday movies going well.

* New book shelves have been ordered for the Teen section.

* Book Discussions are popular and continue.

* VITA is going well…3 days/week.

Louise spoke about a book, $2 a Day that is in our library. She reminded us that there is 56% poverty in Putnam and about the importance of the Library to those low income folks. It’s a very valuable service. The list of needs it fills goes on and on…..

Adjournment: Bev made a motion to adjourn and Louise made a second. The meeting adjourned at 6:51 p.m. The Board adjourned to the Finance Committee meeting for our Budget Presentation.

Note: Anne and Sue attended the Finance meeting.

Respectfully Submitted by

Beverly M. Shaw

Secretary, Putnam Public Library

Board of Trustees