Library Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
July 27, 2016


Board of Director’s Meeting  

Date:  July 27, 2016

Time called to order:  7:02 pm

Present:  Priscilla Colwell, Anne Lamondy, John Dignam, Will Child, Louise Brodeur, Kathy DiPilato,

Not Present: Jayne O’Toole, Lesley Neal, Bev Shaw, Sue Nash,


Public Participation:  none

Approval of Minutes:  Minutes from the June 27, 2016 meeting were reviewed.    Kathy DiPilato made a motion to accept as presented and Louise Brodeur made a second.  Motion carried.     

Financial Report:  June 2016 financial report was presented.  Notes: Budget reflects a new fiscal year. Order was placed for cases in cartridges. Brief discussion regarding pros and cons of solar panels as a cost-saving measure. Repairs and renovations line item - see old business below. Otherwise an unexceptional month for expenditures.

Communications:  none

Old Business: 

  1. Repairs and Renovations:  RFQ’s were disseminated to painters and quotes for the downstairs painting deadline is August 19th. Quotes will be reviewed at the next meeting.
  2. Facilities Committee:  Several members of the board attended the last facilities committee meeting. The plan for the countywide referendum is for some time after January 2017. Concerns regarding the time sensitive state of Connecticut grant money were discussed. The facilities committee will be meeting on Thursday, July 28th and will be reminded of this issue. Possible need to resubmit grant in November for one more year. The facilities committee also toward several local senior citizen centers. Committee on aging has stressed the need for dedicated space for Putnam seniors.

New Business: 

  1. Posting Board Meetings: suggestion was made that the dates of the library board meetings be publicized in the Villager and posted in the library in order to facilitate public participation. All board members felt this was a good idea. Priscilla will post dates in the library and send dates to the Villager Newspaper.
  1. Non-union Personnel Policies: Some discrepancies between the nonunion town personnel policies and the library personnel policies have come to light. After brief discussion, it was decided that we would review a draft of the new nonunion personnel policies at the next meeting.

Director’s Reports:

  • I filled out the erate form for the fiber Internet connection. After talking with Eric (Savage Systems). He is hired by the town to administer technology, and because of the timing, we decided to get the application done before the deadline. If we decide against it, we don’t have to go through with it. A rep from the state library. Let us through the process in early July, but even with her help and advice planning it took two hours!
  • I have a list of 6 painting firms to contact for a painting quote. A staff member at Sherwin Williams gave input.
  • I have heard that our problem patron has moved back to Danielson.
  • Jillian and Abbie are splitting the team program responsibilities. After Tina and I discussed the situation we decided to give each four hours per week to do a program a piece. Jen’s last day is June 30.
  • Our new treasurer was given the task of compiling a new non-union policy handbook, and some of the changes also affect the library. We seem to be under the non-union designation, but our Library personnel policies supersedes the town policy. It’s a funny thing… One big change that may goes through is that the town hall will be open on Good Friday, and that holiday pay is going to be a floating holiday for them. We’ve always taken Good Friday off in conjunction with the town, but if they are open are we open also?
  • I applied for a mini-grant for a “traveling archivist” to visit us for a half day to give us some direction in the storage of our Gertrude Chandler Warner items (manuscripts, cards, etc.). They will schedule a time to calm in August.
  • I have begun the State Report for 2015-2016. Because of the state budgetary problems, there will be no yearly annual State Grant this year, but we still had to file the State Report by November. Usually we get a check for $1,200 in the spring.
  • Mary Jo and I did 315 notary acknowledgment in the 2015 2016 year. It seems that Bank of America doesn’t have a notary anymore and they send everyone over to us. We keep a log of the type of document and the name of the signatory, as well as the date. It has been a good outreach for the library, because people come and have never been in the library before.

Adjournment: William Child made a motion to adjourn at 8:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Anne Lamondy

Acting Secretary

Putnam Public Library Board of Directors