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Visit to look at a list of your favorite author's
books.  They are listed by series so that you can keep track of 
what you've read, and find new authors and series.
Instructions on Creating a User Name and Password for Accessing 
"My Account" Features of  BibliOak System
To start using the the  system to renew items, place holds or check
account information,  each library card holder must set up a new 
user account.   You may do this online  from home  or we
 will be happy to assist you to do this here at the Library. 

Go to the BibliOak catalog. Look for the "My Account" link
 on the front page of the catalog  and click on it. 
  • Access the system using your library card number as your 
  • user name and the  last 4 digits of your phone number
  •  as your password.  If you are having difficulty, it may be 
  • that you are trying with a phone number other than
  •  what we have on file for you.  Try alternate numbers
  • (work, cell, old home number).  If all else fails, call us
  •  and we can reset your number.

  • You must then change your password.
  • Once you have done that, you will need to log in 
  • again and may then change your user name.
  •  You may keep your library card number
  •  as your user name if you prefer, or substitute something
  •  easier for you to remember.
  • Next, click on the tab named "Account Preferences"
  • at the top of your account summary.  Please select
  •  a "Default Hold Notification Method" and then save
  •  your preference changes. We encourage people to choose
  •  "Use Email Only"  or "Text" for the fastest and most efficient
  •  notification. Now you can renew items you have out, 
  • check the status of your account
  • and reserve books online. 


If you are unable to find the items you wish in the Bibliomation catalog 
you can also  place holds from home in the Request statewide system. 
Search for your item in either Keyword or Advanced Search.
“reQuest this item” and type your name, a password, and phone or email
 in the pop-up box. “Submit” your request and click on “close”.
We will call or email you when your book arrives. Please pick up 
and return the  book to the Putnam Public Library.

Priscilla Colwell
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